As this slightly unusual summer turns into a hopefully more normal autumn (we’ve got all our fingers crossed), it’s the ideal time to start organising the family. With the new school years starting, people getting back to the 9-5 routine after their holidays, and Christmas coming up quickly on the horizon, the best way to keep tabs on everything the family is up to is with a personalised bonusprint family wall planner.  

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Introducing our family planners

Alongside our customisable bonusprint photo calendars, we’re really excited to introduce our new family planners. Whether you’re a family of three, four, or five, we’ve got your yearly planning covered. Choose from our range of brilliant pre-designed planners, in A3 or A4, and then you can get busy adding your own personal touches, ready to keep track of your whole family’s appointments, school performances and matches, holidays, and more.  

Why create a family planner?

The biggest difference between one of our bonusprint family planners and photo calendars is that each member of the family gets a whole year of space to themselves on the planner. Instead of trying to squeeze everyone’s events and reminders under one date, you can clearly plan what’s happening for each family member in their own column. No more tiny handwritten notes or missing important appointments! 

Get personalising

As with all our photo products, the bonusprint family planners are really straightforward to create and can be personalised as much, or as little, as you like. To create your planner in a flash, just drop the photos you love into one of our pre-designed planners that our in-house design team created exclusively for bonusprint. Then all there is to do is add your important events, birthdays, and anniversaries. To put your own spin on it, you can still play around with text, tweak the colours, and add clip art to make it unique to you. But if you like even more creative freedom, look out for our simple planner design. Its fresh and minimal layout means you’ve got even more room to add your own personal touches, like clip art and background colours.  

The new bonusprint family planners are the perfect way to clearly see what everyone in the household is getting up to for the year. With more than enough space to add in a year’s worth of events for each family member, every month will be more organised than ever, and you can keep track of your kids’ busy back-to-school schedules in style. 

Creating your planner couldn’t be easier, whether you’re just dropping your family photos into a bonusprint pre-designed planner or you’re having some fun with our customisation options. To make your own personalised family planner, just hit the button below and get creating.

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