Make the most of light

Typical situation: someone sits with their back to the window, and as a result, they're too dark in the photo. These are my tips for backlit situations, a bright sun or beautiful night photography.

1. Face in the shade? Turn toward the light!

As you can see, she sits facing away from the window. Hardly ideal that her face is in the shadow - we can't see her beautiful face!
The solution is simple: ask them to turn around and face the light. Now the sun will strike them in a quite glorious fashion!

2. Backlight problems? Make the photo lighter

In the instance that you have to deal with the backlight from a window, there is a simple solution. Take the image in the photo below, the subject is in the shade and her face is barely visible. Simply change the lighting manually on your camera! You will more than likely have the + - symbols on your camera, just increase/decrease your lighting to suit your photo. Easy!.
The lighting from the window results in her looking very dark in this photo.
By simply adjusting the lighting manually on your camera (as outlined above), you can see how much more clear and sharp she is in this image.

3. A beautiful picture ruined by bright sunlight

Bright sun directly in the eyes is going to make even the most seasoned model squint!
By simply taking a step back and using the natural shade provided from the tree, we can now see our subjects eyes (which always helps)!

4. Night Photography: turn the flash off for more atmosphere

The camera flash is standard in low light (such as late evening). Try turning off the flash to create more atmosphere in your pictures. This will really capture the pure beauty of the street (if you’re in to that kind of thing).
This is an ordinary photo on automatic mode (ie with flash). As you can see in this picture there is little atmosphere.
With the flash turned off, the camera should now illuminate long (turn S or Tv mode for example). Use a tripod or a wall to place the camera. In this photo the flash is turned off, and the iso put up (iso 3200). There is no need for a tripod here, the disadvantage being that issues may occur, resulting in the white dots in this picture.
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