Sport photography tips

Whether you're taking photos at a football game or just snapping a few pics of the kids playing, knowing how to catch the action on camera can really improve your photos. Read the 4 sport photography tips below to learn how to capture the action in your life!

1. Adjust your shutter speed to slow things down

Your shutter speed determines how you capture movement in your photos. With a fast shutter speed (e.g. 1/1000) you can ‘freeze’ motion and take photos of athletes mid-jump or speeding down a mountain.

2. Use a telephoto lens

A telephoto lens is great for taking close ups from a distance. If you want truly dynamic shots, consider using a 200mm version. If you use this type of lens, be sure to bring a tripod.

3. Don’t forget about the spectators

Try to divide your attention between the action and those watching. Photos that capture the spectators’ expressions often say as much (and sometimes more) than shots of the players.

4. Capture the emotions in the game

Sports are action packed but they’re also full of emotion. Games can be fun, exhilarating, and sometimes even heart-breaking. Catch these emotions on camera to tell a complete story.
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