Tips for holding your camera

It happens all the time — legs and hands tremble as you take a photo, and the picture ends up blurry! Fortunately, adjusting the way you hold your camera can really help with this problem. Our tips below can teach you how to take a crystal clear picture without having to use a tripod.

1. Place your hands the right way

Always use two hands to hold your camera. Place the lens of the camera in your left hand and let the body of the camera rest against your wrist. This allows you to operate the focus ring or zoom with your thumb and forefinger. Use your right hand for the right side of the camera. Your thumb should be on the back, your index finger over the shutter and your three other fingers in front of the camera.

2. Create a stable posture

Before you take a picture, it is important to stabilize yourself. Try standing in a comfortable and sturdy position. Stand up straight with your feet apart. If you need to adjust your stance for a different angle, try to find a wall, cabinet or something else to support yourself against.

3. Support your arms

Use your environment to give your arms the right support. Think of using a trash can, table, wall or anything else you can find to rest your elbows on.

4. Make your body as compact as possible

Try to use your body like a tripod. You can do this by making yourself as compact as possible and keeping your arms close to your body. Hold the camera with two hands and bring the camera close to your face. The closer the camera is to your body, the less chance the camera will shake.

5. Unwind before a photo shoot

Last but not least, try to relax when you take a photo! If you’re not relaxed you may unconsciously move your hands or legs. To avoid this, take a deep breath in and out before you snap your shot.
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