We know it’s what’s inside that counts, but we also think what’s on the outside is pretty important too. That’s why we’ve come up with seven creative ways to wrap your presents this Christmas. They’ll almost look too good to open. (Almost).

If you’ve still got nothing to wrap, take a look at our photo products and create a gift that you’ll be excited to give.

1 – Photo tags

Use a photo print of the person receiving the gift instead of a traditional gift tag. It’s a lovely way to personalise the present and is much more fun than boring old paper and pen.


What you’ll need: photo prints, wrapping paper

2 – It’s all natural

Natural elements like pinecones and flowers make wonderful accents. Use them instead of traditional ribbons and bows for a rustic finish.


What you’ll need: wrapping paper, pinecones or flowers



3 – Map it out

An old map from a place you have visited together is perfect for creating decoration on your gift. Create a bow from it for a thoughtful touch. Even better if you’re wrapping up a photo book from your trip.


What you’ll need: an old map, ribbons



4 – Chalk board

Invest in some chalk board wrapping paper for a fun and unique way to wrap your gifts. You can customise it with personal messages, doodles and whatever else you fancy.


What you’ll need: chalk board paper, chalk



5 – Get folding

Create origami bows and decorations to give your presents a thrifty finish. You can also create origami gift boxes which is surprisingly simple.


What you’ll need: coloured paper, wrapping paper



6 – A little extra

Create a pouch out of wrapping paper to go on the front of your gift and put something small inside. We love hiding candy canes in them for a sweet little extra.


What you’ll need: wrapping paper, candy canes or another small gift



7 – Get crafty

Use little stamps to write a personal message on your present. This works best on non-glossy wrapping paper – like the tan paper shown above.


What you’ll need: letter stamps & ink, matte wrapping paper, extra paper for cut-outs, ribbons


If you’re still stuck for gift ideas, you might need to have a browse of the site so that you have something wrap! You could use our gift finder to find the perfect gift for anyone or have a look at our gifting catalogue for more ideas and inspiration.  Your present will look as special as the gift itself.