Forget the same old boring Father’s Day gifts and create something unique that he’ll love forever. Whether you’re buying for your own dad or getting a gift from the kids, show him some love this year with these fantastic gift ideas.

1. A lifetime in a photo book


From the first moment he held you, to the day he walked you down the aisle, there are thousands of moments together worth celebrating. A photo book is the perfect way to chronicle all those years in one place – and if you’ve got some classic printed photos you’d like to include, follow our handy scanning tips to get them digital in no time.

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2. A wall art of his greatest hits


Grab all those snaps of your dad from across the years and turn them in an amazing timeline he’ll be proud to show off. You can pick anywhere from 9 to 81 pics, so whether you’ve got a few choice selections or a whole album’s worth of snaps, we’ve got you covered.

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3. A family photo book

You could make a photo book of just the two of you, but why leave everyone else out? Grab all your snaps from those big family get-togethers and put them all in one place. And if you’re still trying to perfect photographing groups, our handy guide is here to help.

Create a photo book

4. A framed photo print

Fathers Day gift ideas photo print

If your dad likes to keep it simple, then a classic framed photo print is the perfect gift. Just pick out one of your favourite snaps together, choose a frame that suits his style, and hey presto – a great gift that he can put wherever he wants – at home or at work.

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5. Wall art of the kids

Fathers Day gift ideas wall art

If the dad of the hour doesn’t fancy seeing a picture of himself every day, then go for a photo of all the kids together instead. With four high quality materials to choose from, it’ll look great anywhere in the house.

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6. A photo wall


Next time dad is away, use it as an opportunity to create a photo wall for him in his office or bedroom. Create some wall art and print some photos of all the family together and then make a collage on the wall. Read our tips for creating a photo wall to get inspired.

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7. Give him a hug with a mug

Fathers Day gift ideas mug

Give dad a gift he can enjoy every day with a custom photo mug. Just grab your favourite photo, run it through the editor and voila – a great gift just seconds in the making. And with exclusive options available on our smartphone app, it’s easy to get creative on the go.

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8. A wall art collage of you and dad

Fathers Day gift ideas wall art collage

Gather some photos of you and your dad from through the years for a thoughtful Father’s Day present. Maybe you can dig out a baby photo, one of you in your teens and a more recent picture. Then create a wall art collage that he’ll be able to proudly hang up at home.

Create wall art

9. A photo book of the kids’ drawings


If you’re after something really different, why not gather up all those drawings the kids have done for dad, scan them into your computer, and turn them into a photo book. It’s a great way to keep all those creations in one place – and a lot safer than leaving them left loose, too.

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We hope some of these ideas give you a bit of inspiration to make this Father’s Day really special for the big man in your life. And if you’d like to spread the inspiration, remember to share it on Facebook and Instagram with #bonusprint so we can see what you create!