Valentine’s gifts can often err on the side of cliché but we’ve got 4 creative ideas that will strike just the right note of sentiment without a fluffy heart in sight! Quick to create, our personalised photo products are original, unique and say ‘I love you’ without being corny…

A romantic gift


Print some retro prints of your favourite moments and add messages to each print to show them how much they mean to you. We love little poems or small stories about the photograph. They have a nice retro feel too and will look great hanging in your home.

A handy gift for your boyfriend


Make breakfast in bed extra special with a personalised mug. The perfect Valentine’s idea for office workers too – they can take it to the office with them for a little pick-me-up during coffee breaks.

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A gift you can both enjoy


Because nothing says I love you like a photo of the two of you to display proudly in your home! A gift for your love that you’ll both enjoy. Try using canvas or a mounted print for a value for money option that will be adored for years to come…

A meaningful Valentine’s gift idea


Use our mobile app to create a small photo book of favourite moments from your camera roll. Whether it’s selfies from a recent holiday or a view you shared together, a small book of photos can be looked back on year after year.

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Proof that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about teddy bears and chocolates. A personalised photo product is the perfect Valentine’s gift for her or him and if you’re still not sure what to create, use our gift finder to help you decide.