Valentine’s gifts can sometimes be a bit of a cliché (we’re looking at anyone buying last minute flowers and chocolates from a petrol station here). We’ve got five creative ideas for our bonusprint photo products that will show you’ve put some thought into it. Easy to create, our personalised photo products are original, unique and say ‘I love you’ without making your partner cringe.

Retro prints and a note


Go retro and create some awesome retro prints of your favourite moments. You can add messages to each of the prints – simply add in the time, date and location of each photo or go a bit further and add in a short story about what that moment meant to you. These prints have a great retro feel and will look perfect hanging in your home. If you want to make these while you’re on the go, simply click the banner below to download our app (Android and iOS) and get creating. It’s that easy.

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A handy gift for your boyfriend

A personal photo mug is the perfect gift when you’re planning him a Valentine’s breakfast in bed. Create your mug with a romantic photo of you both, your favourite pic together or one that makes you both laugh. As with all bonusprint products, you can customise your photo mug with added text, layouts and clipart. Its vivid colours are dishwasher safe, so it can brighten his days for years to come. This will definitely be your man’s favourite mug.

A meaningful Valentine’s gift idea

No Valentine’s gift beats our personalised photo books. Creating one of these for your partner shows just how much you mean to them, reflects on all your favourite moments together and also shows them you wanted to put in time and effort to make a unique gift. Perfect! A photo book is a mix of creativity, thoughtfulness, and romance, which is personalised to you both.

You can create a timeline of your relationship since you met, all your favourite trips you’ve taken, or simply all the best moments you’ve spent together. Or, if you wanted to make it solely about your partner, why not create a book about their favourite hobby or past time, get photos from their family and friends to enhance your collection, or maybe even create a recipe book featuring all the best meals you’ve had together.

Not too sure where to start? Use any of our pre-design templates, which you can customise as much as you like. Check out our guide on how to use them here.

A gift you can both enjoy

Why not create some awesome wall art for you both to enjoy as it hangs in your house? You can choose from our great range of sizes, layouts and finishes to create something that suits you and your walls perfectly. Whether you want to use a picture of you both or a moment from a great trip you took together; it’s really easy to create a unique piece of wall art this Valentine’s Day. We’ve got five high quality finishes to choose from, you can print square, landscape or portrait pictures from small to large and even choose layouts where you can add in 12 photos. Just click here and get creating.

Personalised cards


Personalised cards are a lovely thing to give on Valentine’s Day. Surprise your loved ones, friends, family and partner with a personal touch that simply lets them know you care. We have hundreds of pre-design options to choose from to get you started, or you can create your own from scratch with our blank options. They come in handy packs of 10, so you’ll be sure to have enough love to share this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day definitely doesn’t need to be all about teddy bears and chocolates. Make things personal and unique by designing your partner one of our fantastic photo products. Whether you make a fun photo mug for their coffee break, a gorgeous piece of wall art for the home or the classic photo book, these gifts will last for years, and always remind them of Valentine’s Day 2021. All you need to do is click the button below and get creating.

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