Gabriele (@Photon.Captures) has honed his photography craft over the years, trying out a number of different cameras, techniques and editing apps. Below he shares with us some technical tips for taking the best photos you can on holiday and also tells us about his favourite destinations.

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Gabriele, I’m from Italy and work at bonusprint as a Content Specialist. I am also a concert photographer and take photos for bands and musicians.

How would you describe your photography style?

I tend to like high contrast images and ones where I can take in the surrounding environment to show a whole scene, rather than a detail. Photography for me is about capturing a meaningful moment, and that still image should be able to communicate what has just happened and what is going to happen next.

What’s your favourite thing to take photos of and why?

Concerts and live music. It’s a great feeling to get close to the artists, interact with them behind the scenes and use tight time limitations and difficult light conditions to capture the best moments of the show.

Where’s the most impressive place you’ve ever travelled?

Not really a place, but driving across Europe is always a great experience because of how quickly and dramatically landscapes can change.

What is your favourite European city and why?

It’s a tough choice, but right now I would say Prague. It feels like every corner hides hidden and special places, and wide, open spaces that are always surrounded by smaller alleys or old, winding streets. I like that contrast.

Where do you go back to time and time again and why?

My hometown, Trieste. I have friends and family there, and it’s nice to go back to a place you know so well and discover what has changed and what has remained the same over time.

What do you usually base your holiday choices on? (EG food, landmarks, culture, weather)

It depends on many factors, and it’s usually a mix of different aspects that drives me to want to go somewhere. I like to explore at my own pace, so if there is any chance for cycle touring or trekking, that is usually a big plus.

What do you take your photos with and why?

I mostly use my Pentax DSLR, but I find myself taking quick shots with my smartphone more and more. A DSLR will give you total control on the image you are creating, with more room to be creative and to shoot in difficult conditions, but your smartphone is always with you, and is a quick and easy way to get good photos on the move.

Do you use any editing apps or tools?

Editing is an important step in the process of making a good image. I use Lightroom for most of my DSLR photos, and I like to try different editing apps for my smartphone photos (Snapseed can work wonders once you know what you need).

What photo products do you create and why?

I think there is something really special about having your favourite images hanging on your wall, or visible in a larger format than you would usually print. You get to dive into the image, and notice details that might not be so evident on a smaller scale, that’s why wall art is the product I like most.

What advice would you give to people wanting to expand their photography skills?

There is a huge amount of information readily available online, keep informed and keep learning even though it can sometimes be challenging to filter through contrasting info. Meet up with other photographers, make friends and be open to criticism, it will help you grow. Also, try to move away from AUTO programs on your camera, take control of your tools.