Yes, it’s that time of year again — all eyes are turning to the gift lists and the feeling of mild panic as we try to get everyone the right things. We’re pretty sure we’ve got the ideal present for all of the men in your life this Christmas. Our photo products make a perfect, and unique, Christmas present for all your friends and family. Check out this gift guide for him for a bit of help with what you should get who.

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Something for Superdad

Whether he’s out in the garage tinkering with his beloved car, or up in the office working on a new project, we think your Superdad will love having a fantastic piece of wall art to look at as he works. It could be a photo of his latest completed project, or you and him hanging out in his man cave — whatever you choose, he’ll love. Just like the Superdad from the Smith family did when they surprised him with a personalised Christmas gift underneath the tree. If dad’s walls are already looking pretty full, then you can never go wrong with a personalised mug for his favourite drink. A classic World’s Best Dad always goes down well or why not try and think of something even more unique to his favourite things?

A photo book for the boyfriend

Boyfriends can be so tricky to get something for. For one, they hardly ever tell you what they would actually like for Christmas. So melt their heart a bit with a photo book of all the fun you’ve had together. Whether you’ve been together a while or your relationship is just blossoming, a photo book made by you, just for him, will be one of his favourite things. Check out this blog for some photo book creation inspiration.

What to get that far away friend

This year, more than any other, has made us feel a little further from our favourite people than we’d like. When you’ve got a bunch of best mates that are too far away to see face to face, you should make it your mission to make them smile. We reckon the best way to do that is to send them a surprise card that you’ve created yourself. bonusprint has cards for every single occasion, and our Christmas card range is second to none. Of course, all our photo cards are fully customisable, the highest quality and come in a variety of sizes and finishes. All you need to do is find the photo and add the caption that you know will make them laugh. All our packs of 10 include envelopes, so you don’t need to worry about buying the right sized ones.

For a super fun son

When they’re not hurtling around the house, the energy that your kids can put into their creative projects is incredible. So when it comes to getting your son a photo gift, you should try and reflect that. One of our favourite ideas is to combine two of the best things there are: superheroes and photos. Just like the Smith family did when they created a personalised Christmas gift for their little Ally. If you use one our fully customisable pre-design templates, you can create your very own superhero comic book-style story. Simply add your photos and personalised captions to one of our templates to create this kind of photo book — we recommend you choose something like our Comic book one and sit back and enjoy what you’ve created when they open it.

For a brother like no other

One of the best things about creating a photo book for your brother is that you have access to all the photos they’ve ever been in — especially the embarrassing ones … Right back to the day they were born. We can feel you rubbing your hands together with glee already. Whether you want to create your photo book all by yourself, or would like to use one of our pre-design templates, everything on the page is fully customisable, so you can get it exactly how you like it. For some inspiration on how to use our pre-design templates, check out this blog. No matter how red your bro might go when he opens it on Christmas Day, it’s something he will really treasure.

A calendar for those that need it

If you’ve got a son, brother, boyfriend or dad currently studying, then why not help keep them organised with one of our fantastic calendar? It’s a brilliant way for them to keep on top of all the deadlines, classes, coursework, activities and social events. And, as with all our photo products, you can fully customise the calendar you create. As well as adding in the photos you want, you can even add in a reminder to call home once in a while.

Make a mug for a work mate

It’s a bit of a classic gift, but sometimes they make the best ones. If you’ve got a buddy at work who you’re thinking of getting a Christmas present for, then make them their very own, personalised mug. You can add in photos, shared jokes with our text editor, or even motivational quotes. Not only will it make them laugh when they open it, this thoughtful gift is one of our best sellers — not just because everyone loves receiving one, but it’s actually a pretty handy thing to have around.

We know gift buying can get a bit stressful as we run into Christmas, so we hope this blog has given you some great ideas of what to get your boyfriend, dad, brother, boyfriend, son, and all the men in your life. All of our bonusprint photo products, from photo books to cards and calendars are a great way to make your Christmas presents truly unique this year. Just click the button below to get creating.

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