Do you want to surprise your loved one with an original Valentine’s gift this year? if you make it yourself, you’ll certainly create something entirely different as opposed to those mass produced cards and pressies (see the top 5 below)! You don’t have to be a design pro as our advanced bonusprint photo book and printed photo canvas creator tools will give you a helping hand all the way. You’ll make a lasting impression and it’ll show just how much you care too. If you’ve got some great photos of special moments you shared together, why not create a ready mounted canvas print? Who would not love this idea?

What are the most common Valentine’s gifts? A recent survey delivered the following results:

The TOP 5 gifts:
1. Valentine’s cards
2. Classic red roses
3. Sexy underwear
4. Chocolates (heart shaped)
5. Teddy bears

Would you give a mass produced gift or something far more personal and touching? Hmmm, surely you can create something more meaningful than the standard box of chocolates!?

Check out some of the wonderful Valentine’s gifts you can make with us.