Every summer has a story, so tell yours in a photo book full of all your favourite moments. We’ve got 10 creative tips that you can use to make this your best photo book ever and really show off your summer in all its glory.

You’ll love looking through it on colder days come autumn and remembering all the sunny moments.

1. Tell the story of your summer

This usually means putting your summer in chronological order in your photo book. That way, from the moment you open the first page to when you close the last, there will be a coherent story throughout. But ordering it chronologically isn’t the only option. You could also tell the story of your summer through locations, different events and different people. Group and order your photos in whichever way makes sense to you.

2. Use one of our predesigns

If you’re stuck on the design and can’t decide how to make your photo book look its best, then choose one of our travel pre-designs to get you started. They’re all completely customisable and let you get as creative as you like, but still also look good with minimal effort. Perfect if you’re in a bit of a rush.

3. Create a funny photo cover

Creating a photo cover for your summer photo book will make it eye-catching in your home and make you smile whenever you see it. We love photos with a funny perspective on the cover like, holding the sunset in the palm of your hand or pushing over the Leaning Tower of Pisa. For more inspiration, read our creative photo book cover ideas.

4. Turn friends and family into characters

Everyone plays different roles in families and groups of friends and a fun way to show that is to introduce people as characters in your photo book. You can add clip art to bring the characters to life and label them using different text. For example, ‘The sleepy grandad’, ‘The lazy teen’, ‘The sunburnt uncle’. Reintroduce them throughout the photo book to help tell a funny story.

5. Use maps to plot journeys

If you’ve been traveling around during the summer, visited somewhere slightly unknown or taken yourself on an epic journey, use our clever Google Maps integration to plot your journey. This feature is only available in the Windows creator tool but if you’re using a Mac, simply take a screenshot of your journey in Google Maps and add it as a photo to your book for the same effect.

6. Create spreads with the best photos

For each special event, trip or day out, make a spread with your favourite photo. Then choose some related photos, perhaps in a similar colour scheme or featuring the same people and add them as smaller photos on the same page. Like a mini collage.

7. Vary the number of photos on each page

Depending on the style of your photo book, varying the number of photos on each page can be an easy way to make it look more interesting. For example, create a photo collage of six similar photos from one day and then on the next page print just one or two photos in a larger size to establish a nice rhythm.

8. Use layflat

If you choose a layflat photo book it means that your favourite photos can be printed across a double page spread without interruption. Choose your most impressive summer photos (make sure they’re of good quality to avoid them coming out blurred) and then place it across two pages. Do it in the middle of the photo book for extra emphasis then leave it open on your coffee table at home.

9. Add some clip art

We have over 100 clip art options to choose from and adding some to the pages of your photo book will make it more fun and also set the theme of each page. If there are lots of beach photos, then choose some beach-themed clip art. If you’ve been on a sunny hike, then have a look at our nature clip art. They’re all designed in-house by our talented design team to add a special finishing touch to your photo book.

10. Make the most of extra pages

Of course, you’ll want to include things like parties and holidays in your photo book, but sometimes the little moments are just as wonderful. Add up to 96 extra pages in your photo book so you don’t need to miss anything out.

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Have you created a summer photo book yet? Or are you planning on it? Do you have any other ideas for making it extra special? If you do, then comment below. We love being inspired by our creative customers.