I’m sure we all have a “there’s nothing I need” type on our Christmas gift list. By that I mean, their response to birthday, Christmas, or any other celebratory occasion is always; “there’s nothing I need“.  Now this might be nice for the greater good and they may be sincere about their lack of requirements. However, even though they may not need anything, chances are, you need to get them something!

So, what to get those in need of nothing? Something personal, thoughtful and unique …a bonusprint photo product perhaps? This afternoon, I’ve created a personalised photo canvas for one of the “there’s nothing I need” types in my life. Because it’s so quick and easy and because I’m thrilled with the result, I thought I’d share it with you and perhaps solve the “nothing I need” dilemma for you too.

Step 1: Find your way to our Canvas product page and decide on the size and shape you wish to create.

Step 2: Find a photo you know they’ll love to relive all year round and upload it to our online editor.  Select from our choice of colour, black and white or sepia. Zoom and position your photo to exactly where you want it. Make sure that the quality is sufficient for the size you wish to print. Note the photo of the lounge on the right which shows how big your canvas is in a typical room setting.

Step 3: Order your product and complete payment information in our secure system. bonusprint will then will deliver it to your door. Talk about easy!